Spice up Your Hen Party with a Dance Class!
Our classes are designed for hen parties.
We will get your group in party mode!
A dance class is an interactive experience and a great icebreaker. Everyone gets a chance to meet and have fun together, it will set the tone for the rest of the weekend.
A perfect start for a hen do!

Our Most Popular Dance Styles!

This is just a sample of the dance styles and routines we have on offer…

Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts Baby in a corner!
Our BESTSELLER. You will learn the Mambo, Merengue and a choreography based on the movie.

Uptown Funk

Bruno Mars choreography is hot! It’s got everything you want: it’s upbeat, easy to learn, full of cool moves that you will no doubt put to great use in the night club!


Vintage is in!
From the Great Gatsby Experience to the Trendy ’40s, Vintage offers a wide range of themes and styles to choose from!


Will you dare?
This is not an icebreaker it’s an ice-melter!
The bride-to-be might even learn something to spice up her wedding night.


Thriller is the most famous dance routine of all time and for good reason!
Challenge yourselves and learn to move like Michael Jackson. Try the Moonwalk, Slide, Spin…


Learn to move like Beyonce with our “Single Ladies” choreography.
The routine is a mixture of Jazz and Hip-Hop, and bound to impress on the dance floor


There are several forms of swing: Lindy Hop, Balboa, West Coast each as much fun as the next. Depending on your party location we might focus on a particular style.

Disco Divas

A throwback to the ’80s, with your favourite music. Remember that song you played again and again on your CD player? We can choreograph it for you. Now that’s an idea!


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What others say:

Hi Paula,
We had an absolutely fabulous time. Sandra was fantastic and put us all at ease while we still managed to learn a lot. We will highly recommend your dance classes!

– Lorraine

Hi Anthony,
It was a fantastic experience and everyone loved it. My daughter Anne-Marie has gone off to try to find Bollywood dancing classes near where she lives!
Jill was great. Very friendly and encouraging and everyone left the room feeling that next stop was the West End! Thank you again and a special thanks to Jill. We were a bit late arriving and she very kindly stayed a little longer with us which I know that she did not have to do.

– Theresa

6 Tips to Organise the Perfect Hen Party:

1- Plan early: the earlier you plan the more options will be available to you, not only in terms of your dance class but also in terms of your accommodation, dinner, etc…

2- When you are booking your accommodation ask your hotel if they can provide you with a room free of charge for an hour and a half for your dance class. In our experience, most hotels will be happy to do so.
If your accommodation provider is unable to help you don’t worry we will.

3- If you are unsure as to which dance style to choose for your class we would recommend Dirty Dancing. It is our best seller and it’s a great all-rounder!

4- Organise your activity to start early to mid-afternoon, the girls will appreciate having a bit of time to get ready for dinner.

5- If you want to get a theme going your for a hen do we recommend this shop. There is everything you might need and we offer next-day delivery. At the very least you might get a few ideas for your theme.

6- Streamline your communication process. Going back and forth by texts, emails, and calls with each one of the girls will get frustrating very quickly. A good way to solve that problem is to use a Facebook Event Page. It will make your life a lot easier and set up the tone for the Hen Do.

A Little More About Us

Dancing Hen is a booking agency, we represent the best dance teachers nationwide. So whether you are looking for a Charleston class, a Dirty Dancing experience, or a Beyonce routine we will get you an expert.
Our instructors are not only experts in their specific dance styles but they are also experienced in teaching fun dance classes to hen parties.
Get dance classes anywhere in Ireland from Dublin to Galway and from Letterkenny to Cork.

For more information or a quick quote call us on 087 9799671 or email us at [email protected]