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Kilkenny is a very pretty little city and a happening place. Kilkenny would rank as one of our best destinations in Ireland when it comes to a good party. Tasty food, good wine and fantastic dancing!

As that incredible day fast approaches, so do all of the stresses and headaches involved with planning a wedding. Dinners, rehearsals, dresses, fittings and on and on, there is a lot to plan, but there is one bright spot on the horizon, the hen weekend! This is the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and forget all the planning for a few days. What could be a better place to relax, have fun and get all of the bridal parties together than Kilkenny, a jewel in all of Ireland!
Kilkenny is the historic capital of County Kilkenny and has some of the most beautiful old and restored building to be found in all of County Kilkenny. Thrown into this mix of old and new are some fabulous contemporary shops, breathtaking designer galleries and fantastic restaurants. One of the great things about Kilkenny is it has everything a large city has, yet is small enough to explore on foot.
If you enjoy history, you will absolutely love Kilkenny, which has the famous fully restored Kilkenny Castle. Summer, all the way through to autumn, are the perfect time to visit, so make sure you get in early and book a fabulous hen weekend or hen party on Kilkenny. Restaurants, bars, clubs and excellent activities, Kilkenny has it all!
It's important to remember that even though traditionally a hen weekend or hen party is about drinking, there are so many more fun activities that you can all participate in together. Sure, head out for a drink together but consider planning some other fun group activities that will help everyone relax and get to know one another. There are activities such as group dancing classes where everyone can relax, have a drink and learn some of the most popular dances, from hip-hop to classic routines that everyone loves.

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Beyonce - Bollywood - Burlesque - CharlestonDirty Dancing - Disco Divas - Line Dancing - Salsa - Thriller - Tina Turner - Vintage

Hi Paula,
Just a quick 'hello' to let u know how we got on. It was the highlight of the weekend. Everyone especially the bride loved it! We even did the dance together in a nightclub that night!
Anthony was brilliant, really professional but fun at the same time.


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Kilkenny is a mecca for hen parties with an abundance of things to do and see and a lively and fun-filled night-life.


Zuni’s is a popular restaurant for hen parties as it is stylish, fun and perfect for a girls’ night out. The food is fantastic and there is a great selection of cocktails available too! Varied menu of Irish and European cuisine. Tel.: (056) 772 3999

Ripley’s Steak House is a spacious and comfortable hen-friendly restaurant specialising in steaks straight off the grill. The restaurant seats up to 90 diners so it’s great for hen parties and groups, giving it a fantastic lively atmosphere. Very tasty food however you might just want to stick to a main course as it is very filling. Tel.: (056) 777 0699


Biddy Early’s is great fun very popular with hens! Offering karaoke, fantastic live band and top DJs, there is always something going on in Biddy Early’s! There is an extensive selection of cocktails too and is a bar that your hen party would happily hit not just for a few drinks but the entire night.

The Left Bank is one of Kilkenny’s most stylish and trendy pubs. Located in the heart of the city, the Left Bank offers food, live music, chart hits and a cocktail bar. Popular with hen parties, you will be sure to meet many other bunny ears and L plates here!

Matt the Millers is a lively hotspot in Kilkenny which is plenty of fun and is guaranteed to get your night off to a good start! With its split levels, this pub offers live music as well as a late bar playing all the latest chart music. It has a very mixed crowd age-wise.


One of the most popular nightclubs in Kilkenny is Langtons. Due to its good size and fun atmosphere, it is a constant favourite with hen parties and you will be sure to bump into a number of other hen parties!

O’Faoiláin’s Club 51 is another lively and stylish night spot in Kilkenny where you can dance the night away within the walls of its luxurious décor to the latest chart tunes. Not as hen party crazy as Langtons.



The Kilford Arms Hotel is a very popular option. It offers good rates and is conveniently located in John St. It has 2 bars and a nightclub and is usually where we teach our dance classes. Tel.: (056) 776 1018

The River Court Hotel is a particular favourite for hen party groups in Kilkenny as they offer a Hen Package which includes bed and breakfast, beauty treatment and most importantly, late checkout! The hotel itself is ideally located and easy to find. Tel.: (056) 772 3388

The Kilkenny Inn Hotel is another popular location for hen party groups. The Kilkenny Inn Hotel can cater for hen parties with its private bar area, the Kilkenny Bar, and finger food is also available on request. A slightly more affordable option than The River Court. Tel.: (056) 777 2828


If self-catering accommodation is what you’re after for your hen party, then look no further than the Beechview Apartments. The Beechview Apartments can cater specifically for hen parties by organising Ann Summers parties, cocktail making classes and beauty treatments all in the comfort of your apartment! Tel.: (056) 770 3198