Athlone, the Heart of Ireland.

Athlone, the heart of IrelandAthlone has a lot to offer, tons of restaurants, the oldest pub in Ireland, night clubs….
If you are looking to have a fantastic hen weekend or hen party then choosing the right location isn’t just important, it’s essential! Athlone is located in the heart of Ireland; this makes it the perfect place for friends or family to meet for a weekend of fun, drinking and adventure! Athlone is also the proud host of Ireland’s oldest pub, Sean’s Bar. This famous pub was listed in 2004 by Guinness World Records as the oldest pub in Europe. There is atmosphere, history and culture by the bucket load!

A hen weekend or hen party is a long held tradition when it comes to weddings. Just because they’re a tradition doesn’t mean that you have to do the same tired old things, drinking, drinking and more drinking. Don’t get us wrong, drinking is an essential part of any hen weekend or hen party, but there are also some other fantastic activities that you can do as well. Before you hit the clubs and bars, organise a group activity where you and the other ladies in your group can relax and let their hair down. Get your girls together and book in for dancing classes, learn some of the most famous dance routines from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and now!

Athlone is home to some excellent sightseeing opportunities, tours, bars, clubs and much more! An exciting hen weekend in Athlone could be just what you are looking for. Take this opportunity to have a break from the stress and anxiety of organising the wedding and relax. Remember, when you’re planning your hen weekend or hen party make sure that you take into account the different people that will be attending. Not all ladies will want just to drink or hit the clubs, so having some alternate plans like dancing classes will ensure that everyone has a brilliant time!

Dance styles available:

Beyonce – Burlesque – Charleston – Dirty Dancing – Disco Divas – Salsa – Swing – Thriller – Tina Turner  – Vintage

Hi Paula,

Its been a very hectic few weeks so I’m only getting back to you now. Everyone really enjoyed the dance class, it was a great start to the hen and really helped everyone to mingle.
I will definitely be recommending the dance class to other hens parties in the future.

Many thanks.

Aine Roche

Athlone at a glance:

We compiled a list of places where you can eat, drink, party and sleep to help you in the organisation of your Hen Party. These are just suggestions though…


Athlone has lots of restaurants to choose from, here are a few Hen Party friendly ones:

– Pavarotti’s – Italian restaurant: Good food at a reasonable price – Fry place, Tel:090 6493066
– Di Bella – Italian restaurant: Also good food at a reasonable price. Busy so early booking advised – High St., Tel: 090 6444830
– Mother India – Great Indian food, decor could be improved – The Docks, Tel: 090 6498658/ 6492571
– Al Mezza – Lebanese Restaurant. Great food. The restaurant is not very big so book early. Tel: 090 649 8765
– Kin Khao – Thai Restaurant. Fantastic food but a little on the pricey side. Early booking essential! Tel: 090 649 8805


– Sean’s Bar, the oldest pub in Ireland, great pub, music beer garden.
– The Snug. Another good pub with a good beer garden, music. Sean’s and the Snug are very close to each other.
– The Prince of Wales. Good pub, great fun at weekends. Cocktails. Very spacious.
– Gerties: Nice pub but no music.


There are 2 nightclubs in Athlone: Karma and Viva. Both of them are in Church St. and with 1 minute walk from each other.
Karma is in the Prince of Wales hotel, it would be our fist choice.
Viva seems to attract a very young clientele.


– Arch House is the B&B of choice for hen parties. They have modern apartments for rent – Sean Costello St, Irishtown, Tel: (090) 647 7222

– The Prince of Wales: Couldn’t be more central, good rooms, good rates, nightclub and popular bar – Church St., Tel: (090) 647 6666
– The Shamrock Lodge: You can get a room or a house. The rates are good, it’s a nice no fuss hotel, 8 to 10 minutes walk from the centre of town – Clonown Rd, Tel: (090) 649 2601