Wedding Dance Workshops

3 Hour Workshop for Anyone With Little or No Dance Experience.

Wedding first dance

Our Wedding First Workshop is a 3 hour intensive course designed for anyone with little or no dance experience. It runs over an afternoon (Either Saturday or Sunday).

While the course is quite full on, the atmosphere is very relaxed and we make sure to keep it that way!

Oddly enough it seems the more nervous people are when they arrive, the more fun they have during the afternoon!

What will you learn?

operation transformation wedding dance
  • Basic dance steps
  • A series of dance moves (more than you will need)
  • How to prepare your music
  • Musicality
  • The basics of choreography
  • Dance floor entrance and exit
  • Dips
  • And more!

Operation Transformation 2014: Anthony teaching Sarah for her Wedding First Dance.

Are the workshops suitable for all songs?

The workshops are suitable for music that has a 2/4 or 4/4 time signature (most music) but they are not suitable for Waltz which has a 3/4 signature. Once you send us your enquiry form we can advise your if your song is a match for our workshops or not.

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€187 per couple.

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